Our Foals for Sale


Blue Athena (Tina) - Filly
Foaled: April 21, 2015


Blue's Spruce Zeus (Zeus) - Colt
Foaled: April 9, 2015


Bonny King’s Treasure (Katie) - Filly
Foaled: March 27, 2014


Sparkling Caymus Colleen (Leena) - Filly
Foaled: March 28, 2014


SGR Noble Pearl
Foaled: May 30, 2016

SGSSGR Noble Pearl


We are very pleased to be working with Stillwater Farms in North Carolina to place our babies in the best homes. Stillwater Farms offers our clients extensive knowledge of horses, activities and fine Gyspy Vanners, quality, friendly service and extends our ability to provide our customers with exceptional Gypsy Vanners and the best experience possible. When you click on some of the horses here, those with Stillwater Farms SIres, on our Sales page, you will link immediately to the Stillwater Farms site for that horse for more information

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