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Our Story

Sonnet Gypsy Ranch is a very small ranch (approx. 12 acres) located in Alpine, California, roughly 50 miles from the Pacific coast. Alpine is a small unincorporated friendly community on the outskirts of San Diego. We are surrounded by granite foothills cloaked in Southern California scrub (e.g., manzanita, scrub oak, wild lilac, chamise, etc.,). Our neighbors include road-runners, horn-toads, coyotes, bunnies galore, a few deer, a vast array of song birds, and the occasional rattle-snake (which my husband moves for me on request.)

Our family at the ranch includes my husband (Steve), myself (Kathy), two Toy Fox Terriers (Spots and Piecey), and a small adored band of GVHS registered Gypsy Vanners. The ‘girls’ (mares/fillies) include Sparkle, (Sparky/Sparks), Patience, Miss Amelia (Mia) and our little Mercedes, Annie’s Sweet Blueberry Pie (BB). Our boy, Big Blue Straw (Straw Buddy) was named after my grandfather’s thoroughbred stud. We are eagerly waiting to see how this very sweet handsome boy matures.... And our first three babies, Misty, Katie, Leena.

For us, the small ranch is best. We’ll keep a small family of horses to ensure each gets ample attention and love and frankly, my husband has informed me that as the “chief poop scooper” (at least for now), we are at our limit. ;) The small number also allows us to obtain some true stars of the breed within our resources and so provide those “premium” Vanners. Please enjoy learning more about each Vanner at his/her special page.

And now, so much fun, we have our two new foals for 2015, Zeus an Athena are on our sales page. (http://www.sonnetgypsyranch.com/sales.html).

Thanks for visiting!